Wine Tasting events

Join us for a sunset wine-tasting cruise with full buffet dinner and drinks included, in the delightful environment of Seafin. Enjoy learning in the company of our sommelier to taste wine like a professional. Discover new favourites and learn more about the wines you already love. These events start at £95 per person. We will help you to squeeze just a drop more enjoyment out of every glass of wine – cheers!

Enjoy learning in the company of Cecile Bergart, WSET-certified Sommelier and Proprietor of the Hampshire Wine School to taste wine like a professional. Discover new favourites and learn more about the wines you already love.

In addition to an evening cruise on Seafin with full buffet dinner and drinks, the price includes wine-tasting of a minimum of six wines with a professional sommelier to teach you a little more about the wines you are sipping.

These evenings can make original and interesting gifts – purchase a place as a Gift Voucher, or buy an open gift voucher and let your loved one choose from any of the events that we offer at their leisure.

Click on the date for more details about the wines that have been featured during 2018:

Saturday 19 May 2018 – Old World vs New World Wines
Saturday 9th June 2018 – Wines from Spain
Saturday 14 July 2018 – Rediscover French Wines on Bastille Day!
Saturday 4th August 2018 6.30pm – THEME: Wines from Italy

Saturday 19 May 2018 – Old World vs New World Wines

This fascinating wine tasting will focus on the classic wine regions of the Old World, such as Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Bordeaux, and compare them against the best of the New World.

Join us aboard Seafin, as we taste several pairs of wines made from the same grape variety, but from different countries. Do you think you can tell the difference between Zinfandel from California and Primitivo from Puglia, between a French and an Argentinian Malbec? – by the end of the night you will be able to! We will compare grape varieties such as Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc and learn more about the best locations and producers from the Old World and the New World. It is only when you taste these wines together that the differences really stand out, and the comparisons can bring some amazing insights into wine styles. We will taste wines from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, California, and compare them to wines from France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

All in all, a fantastic opportunity to taste 6 exciting wines from 6 different countries and discover those you like best. Challenge the way you think about wine – forever, AS ALL WINES WILL BE TASTED BLIND!

Eventbrite - 'Old World vs New World' Wine Tasting

Saturday 9th June 2018 6.30pm – THEME: Wines from Spain 

Join us as we taste a selection of fantastic wines of Spain that are the buzz-words in the wine industry at the moment. At the core of this area we find the classic Rioja joined by the youthful Navarra. To the South we find the mountainous and high-class Ribera del Duero (commanding the highest prices in Spain!) district, with the racy Toro and aromatic Rueda areas in close proximity. On the Galician coast we find Rias Baixas were some of Spain’s most distinguished whites are found.

The tasting kicks off with the great whites we can find in this great wine country. Albarino, Spain’s high quality white grape variety from Rias Baixas, is the ideal place to begin developing the tasting further with Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc whites from Rueda and fruit-bomb Roses from Navarra. The final part of the tasting pitches the old-firm classic region of Rioja against the region of Ribera del Duero which is close to knocking Rioja of the podium for first place – we’ll discover if it in fact it does rule the roost. Rioja versus Ribera – both made from Tempranillo and Garnacha – the showdown commences … so join a tasting to discover the delights are found in Spain! So much emphasis is given to Rioja in the UK, however regions such as Penedes, Valencia and Costers del Segre are now supplying us with fascinating wines that are high quality but also mainly affordable.

Eventbrite - Wine Tasting & Sunset Sail aboard Seafin - DISCOVER WINES FROM SPAIN

Saturday 14 July 2018 –  (Re-)Discover the Best of French Wines on Bastille day

Join us aboard Seafin as we taste wines from the very best vineyards in France. We will taste our way around the major wine regions of France – Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire Valley, the Rhone Valley, Alsace, Languedoc & Roussillon  – and sample the fascinating range and variety of delicious wines which they produce.

Starting in the Loire with lively aromatic Sauvignon Blancwe’ll head northeast to the sunniest place in France (yes Alsace!) where we’ll taste some  excellentRiesling or Gerwurztraminer and then south through Burgundy for delicious Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Continuing south we reach the Rhone valley where we will try a fabulous Syrah. We’ll obviously travel to Bordeaux and taste one of the best Cabernet/Merlot blends on the planet. Finally we’ll journey into the soft warm climate of the Mediterranean to taste wonderful ripe wines from the Languedoc and Rousillon – currently producing some of the most interesting and best value wines in France, including that of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt (THE only Rose wine in the World to make it to the 100 Best Wines of 2014!). Come and understand why even Hollywood loves French wines! 😉

The French are guilty of “drinking the best and exporting the rest”, but thanks to Cecile’s expertise and very own wine cellar, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to taste “the real deal” and discover what the fuss about great French wines is finally all about.

It will be a hugely entertaining evening as we celebrate Bastille Day altogether! You will also pick up a fascinating array of information and wine tips along the way.  A great way of learning more about French wine and discovering the variety and value is on offer from the Grande Dame of the wine world.
Eventbrite - (Re-)Discover the Best of French Wines on Bastille day


Saturday 4th August 2018 6.30pm – THEME: Wines from Italy 

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wine tasting on Italy. Time for some tasty traditional classics!

‘A country famed for its delicious food, versatile reds and delicate whites. You simply can’t go wrong with Italy!’ – Cecile

A country that defines food and wine matching with many exciting wines produced from the big three regions; Tuscany, Piedmont and Veneto. BAROLO, BARBARESCO, AMARONE, MONTEPULCIANO and CHIANTI are just a few famous wine names you’ll discover from these classic regions.

In addition we’ll investigate why the TWO biggest phenomenon in the UK have been two Italian whites, PINOT GRIGIO and PROSECCO, and where these easy-drinking wines have surfaced from, and why they tick our boxes.

We also love introducing you to wines and grape varieties you might have never heard of, but which have become our very own favourites and may become yours too after this tasting! GAVI DI GAVI, SOAVE for the whites and PRIMITIVO from Puglia and NERO D’AVOLA from Sicily for the reds, will definitely be worth trying, trust us.
Eventbrite - Wine Tasting & Sunset Sail aboard Seafin - DISCOVER WINES FROM ITALY