Ashes Scattering

Seafin provides an opportunity for you to say goodbye in an intimate and undisturbed setting giving you time to reflect in private, grieve together and celebrate the life of those passed.  Being close to nature and the sea can be grounding and peaceful providing comforting surroundings for the final journey of your loved one.  

There are many reasons people may wish to have their ashes scattered at sea. Many would wish to return to nature or simply have had a love of the sea, a nautical background, had religious beliefs or a special connection with the Solent. 

Our Ashes Scattering at Sea Service

We offer a family-friendly approach to the delivery of our Ashes Scattering at Sea Service.  Seafin is operational from May to end of September however, should you wish to discuss dates outside of this calendar, please call us to discuss.  Seafin can accommodate 30 guests including the conductor of the ceremony and any musicians you wish to include in the day.  Usually departing from Hamble Point, we can discuss other pick-up and drop-off locations.  

The Ceremony

We will cruise to your agreed location to anchor up or hold the boat in your sheltered position.  We can discuss this nearer the time and monitor the weather conditions before making the final plans.  The pouring of the ashes or placing of the bio urn can be carried out from the bathing platform at the rear of the boat.  In the interests of safety, lifejackets and lifelines will be provided for those conducting the releasing of the ashes. 

Special words of comfort and remembrance can be accompanied by your own music which you may provide and connect to the onboard systems.   

The bio urns usually take about 3 minutes to gently sink away which allows time for private reflections and floral tributes to be placed in the water.

“Wakes” and Celebrations

If you wish to hold your wake after the ceremony, we hold a full alcohol license and can provide a full catering service, including a hot buffet – agreed in advance.  For those who wish to have a celebratory toast of their loved one, then Champagne can be organised as an additional option. 

Charter / Hire Options

There are different pricing options available or call us 023 8045 7100 if you wish to discuss your plans. 

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